Public Space With A Roof

Kyoko Inatome (04.11.2005)




We did not go outside, we were always on the outside/ we did not go inside, we were always on inside - Edip Cansever/the city of hotels

What is the territory for man?

Are you aware of a line between inside and outside?

The inside and the outside make a line existing on the balance, and it is like a game as well. It would be decreasing when the other is increasing and the other way around.

Additional events:

Kyoko Inatome together with invited quest is going to create a performance using the objects shown in the gallery. You are welcome to take part in the performance! Guest: Ai Koyama / Dance

'Display Cinema' program at Overtoom 301 will show two video works by Kyoko Inatome

'Neighboring elder brother' (Japan 2002)
'Breakers' (Japan 2005)