Public Space With A Roof

As artists, we recognized the need to create a space in which ?it would be possible to discuss the “world” behind the artwork, and ?at the same time gain and exchange information, new concepts and thoughts. We found it inspiring and necessary to look into the construction mechanisms of theory that could challenge our arguments (conceptual, visual) and create a ground for new ideas and forms to emerge. At the same time, we believed that sometimes art theory separates itself too much from the actual artistic creation and artworks and therefore we decided to bring them together to create enriching and challenging connections for both sides. Rather than present?ing artworks as final products, we decided to focus on presenting them “in progress” and making them visible in the form of independent solo exhibitions of various artists. This way, the public became involved in the artistic production in a particular manner: the usual spectators were invited to fully participate and react to what was being presented to them.

One of the main achievements during this time was our ability to function as a noncommercial and nonprofit space: without being forced to develop products for the art market, the artists were given a possibility to risk, test, experiment and develop with the necessary theoretical reflection.