Public Space With A Roof

Julie Dassaud & Ema Nik (01.05.2004)

Stand Up, Stand By, Why?


Performance by Julie Dassaud and Ema Nik

(Re:) have been excavated from dust in the study room. The place has been damped. Revealing of negatives. Some more news. Bodies. Landscapes. Women, babies. Breath...a presence in the projection room. Screens as doorways. Literally projected figures. Feeding back.


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Thursday, 22nd May 2004


Last minute : explosion in the study room




The installation consists of a study room and a projection room. The

study room is filled with two and three-dimensional drawings. In

the drawings, bodies are landscapes are bodies are landscapes are

bodies are immaterial. The room is dry, dust-covered. Bodies are a

decor. Stand-by a landscape. Landscapes of bodies. How poetic. How

pathetic. The poesy of the equivalence. Bien vu = mal vu = pas vu*.

In the projection room more drawings. Peaceful.


* With reference to Robert Filliou's 'Portrait de l'artiste : bien fait

= mal fait = pas fait', 1974.




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Saturday, 1 May 2004
A continuously terminated performance installation "Stand Up, Stand By, Why?" inspired by daily news and waking up.