Public Space With A Roof

Relocated Identities Part 2: Reader (2005)

The reader has been produced and printed by PSWAR to accompany the Relocated Identities II project. Alongside contributions from the participants, the accompanying publication contains the “Small Cultural History of Vomiting” by ethnologist Thomas Hausschild, who, in a year-long field research in Southern Italy, investigated the culture of vomiting, and found that Coca-Cola exists in an ancient tradition of herbal medicines.

Concept: Inga Zimprich, Raoul Teulings
Production: Mhairi Macfarlane, Andrew McKee
Graphic design: Matthias Kreutzer, Paul Gangloff, Selina Bütler


• Monika Bakke: Zoo Pleasures – The Usual Suspects
• Hinrich Sachs: Kami, Cookie-Monster, Bert und Ernie (All together now)
• Michael Rakowitz: Return
• Tarik Sadouma, Stefan Ruitenbeek: Cultural Superiority
• André Platteel: From Concepts to Affects
• Thomas Hauschild: A Short Cultural History of Puking
• Teddy
• Laura Harelli: Japanese English Advertising Slogans
• Esther Polak: Milk
• Raoul Teulings: W.Art
• Elena Simons: Word Burgerbuddy!
• Victoria Carolan: Water by Water