Public Space With A Roof

Pixels of Reality: What do you Know, What do You See? The Reader (2006)

Amsterdam, May 18 – June 18, 2006

Project initiated by: Adi Hollander, Tamuna Chabashvili and Vesna Madzoski
Production: Mathijs Lieshout, Davide Manzoni
Reader editor: Astrid Van Weyenberg
Graphic design: OneDayNation
Printing: SSP
Supported by: VSB Fonds and Mondriaan Foundation
Special thanks to: Anke Bangma, Eva Fotiadi and Reinaldo Laddaga


• PSWAR: Introduction
• Marius Babias: Subject Production and Political Art Practice
• Vilem Flusser: Images in the New Media
• Reinaldo Laddaga: An Assembly
• Walter Benjamin: The Author as Producer
• Charles Esche: Imagine Resistance
• Susan Buck-Morss: Visual Studies and Global Imagination
• William Kentridge: Felix in Exile: Geography of Memory
• Bertold Brecht: Popularity and Realism
• Theodor W. Adorno: Cultural Criticism and Society
• Oliver Marchart: Staging the Political: (Counter-) Publics and the Theatricality of Acting
• Steve Rushton: Playing Dead
• Tjebbe van Tijen: Art-Action-Academia: Social and Technical Context of Events, Collaborations and Collective Creations 1960–2007