Public Space With A Roof

Relocated Identities Part 2: Relocating Products and People (2005)

Place: PSWAR, OT301, Amsterdam
: 25.06.–17.07.2005
Curated by: Inga Zimprich in collaboration with PSWAR
Produced by: Mhairi Macfarlane, Andrew McKee & PSWAR
Publication designed by: Selina Buetler, Matthias Kreutzer and Paul Gangloff
Exhibition: Laura Horelli, Michael Rakowitz, Hinrich Sachs, Raoul Teulings, Stefan Ruitenbeek and Tarik Sadouma
Kindly supported by: VSB Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK) and S.I.C.A. Foundation

Migration is a phenomenon that has shaken Western Europe. Integration, adaptation or exclusion of others? Christian values, traditions and beliefs suddenly play a major role as we strive to define ‘our’ identity in opposition to ‘theirs.’ But is there actually such a thing as a core-culture to which a foreign impulse can be alien?

It is probably mere illusion that a clear line can be drawn between countries, nations and different cultural identities – the concept that we are part of closed systems, whose entrances and exits we can control, is an attempt to get a grip on a complex and vivid organism. Relocated Identities articulates a concept of an open system, in which people, goods and ideas circulate, spread and interconnect with each other.

Our stable home-culture consists of a mix of values and goods, all arriving from somewhere, derived from something and already on their way to conquer new grounds. With brute force exported during colonialism, implementing its exploitations into its self-image, wealth and habitus, on closer consideration our culture itself is a hybrid.

The image of a firm set of values dissolves and reveals the view of an organic mass. Within this mass, though, different ways and routes, histories of escapes, flights and arrivals can be traced. And not only of humans – from spices, tea and gun-powder to contemporary diseases such as SARS, it is not only people that travel by boat, plane or car and adapt themselves to new cultural environments.

Relocated Identities Part II: Relocating Products and People presented the following selection of human and non-human migrants to investigate the migration-routes of animals, objects, products, and meanings travelling over this planet.