Public Space With A Roof

Endless Installation: A Ghost Story for Adults (2009)


On Frederick Kiesler and Meir Agassi (22.03.2009)

• Monica Pessler: The Artistic Environment – Frederick Kiesler's model for apprehending relations

• Yaniv Shapira: Who Are You Meir Agassi


On authorship – Part 1 (05.04.2009)

• Simon Sheikh: F for Fake. Notes on the Signature, Authorship and Authority


On the notion of outsider artist (12.04.2009)

• Naomi Aviv: Meir Agassi: An Insider in the World of Outsiders

• Simon Ferdinando: Flight Of The Anal Sadistic Warrior: In Search of the Orphic Artaud


On theory and artistic engagement (19.04.2009)

• Koen Brams: The World Question Centre Questioned – about James Lee Byars' World Question Centreproduced by the Belgian Radio and Television and realized by Jef Cornelis in 1969


On authorship – Part 2 (26.04.2009)

• Alex Farquharson: When Can an Exhibition Be A Work of Art



Every Tuesday, Thursday and weekend in April we screened films by the two almost forgotten film and TV makers – Alexander Kluge and Jef Cornelis.


Films by Alexander Kluge:

Yesterday Girl (Abschied von Gestern) 1966, 84'

Part Time Work of a Female Slave (Gelegenheitsarbeit einer Sklavin) 1973, 87'

Artists in the Big Top: Perplexed (Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos) 1968, 100'

The Power of Emotion (Die Macht der Gefühle) 1983, 112'

Blind Director: The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time (Der Angriff Der Gegenwart auf die übrige Zeit) 1985, 106'

Blind Love – Talk with Jean-Luc Godard, 2001, 24'

Love Makes You Perceptive: a compilation of short films about love, 125'

Where We Come From, Where We Go To: a compilation of short films about mankind, evolution, and environment, 130'

High on Work: a compilation of short films about work, economy, capitalism and crisis, 136'

The Poetic Power of Theory: a compilation of short films about Aristotle, Heidegger, Spinoza, Marx, Nietzsche, and Kant, 132'

Serpentine Gallery Program 1995–2005: a selection of Kluge’s TV films, 100'

The Magic of the Darkened Soul, 2008, 49'

All Emotions Believe in a Happy Ending, 2002, 78'


Films by Jef Cornelis:

Documenta 4, 1968, 54'

Documenta 5, 1972, 54'