Public Space With A Roof

Form Matters (2008)

Bild punkt: Zeitschrift der IG Bildende Kunst
Vienna, autumn 2008
Magazine cover as artistic contribution

The Dots Game invites one to connect numbered points as a way to materialize the imaginary form hidden within those particles. We placed outlines of twenty-two man-made forms over one another creating a new constellation of dots and numbers that in the end make the final forms unrealized, with no meaning, emptied of their substance. By abstracting those forms and making them impossible to recreate, retrace or out line, even though the rules of the game demand it, our aim was to break them into bits and particles as a way to rethink those man-made forms so familiar and close to us. They were all created out of necessity or desire, following someone’s fantasy and imagination, being accepted by the others or imposed on them, used or misused by new generations, but still reminding us of the necessity to rethink forms again, opening up the doors for creation of new shapes and imagined futures.