Public Space With A Roof

Esther Polak

Where does our cheese come from? Artist Esther Polak looked for an answer to that question and followed the dairy line from Latvia to the Netherlands. From the cow’s udder in Latvia to a Dutch couple’s plate in Utrecht as rigamont cheese: through five European countries, artist Esther Polak follows the milk route and uses different media, such as photography, film and satellite navigation to paint a picture and draw a map. Polak gave a GPS-receiver with specially developed software to nine different characters: the Latvian farmers with their cows, the milk collector, the owner of the cheese factory, the transporters, the cheese trader, the market merchant and the consumer. “This project shows concretely the new connections that are made by trade in Europe,” says Polak, who cooperated with the Latvian artist Ieva Auzina. It also connects to the desire of the consumer to know where their food comes from. The MILK project shows that a landscape and a way of life lie behind every bite on your plate. Portraits in photography and film are made of all characters, and can also be seen on the website