Public Space With A Roof

Sophia Tabatadze

A visual artist from Georgia. Her work deals with the human body in (new) surroundings and the human being in relation to architecture. 'Home' is a recurrent theme in her installations, as a temporary place that exists during the building up process only and that can be left behind like a shell after it is completed. How much of the notion 'home' is psychological, and how much physical? The relation between facade and interior, the chaos and order within, are the key words in her work. How far does one want, or is one able, to see the other side of the coin, the side that doesn't fall within one's own perception? How one tends to perceive the world from our standpoint alone, trying to fit everything we see and experience into our thinking patterns. Meanwhile, the faces change constantly and dramatically over very short periods of time, whether it concerns people, architecture or the social and political situations of countries.