Public Space With A Roof

Rainer Ganahl

Rainer Ganahl is an artist based in New York City whose work addresses language, learning systems, media and politics. After early forays into video animation work, Ganahl became involved in the forms and languages of computerized spaces and databases. His critical approach to post-colonial theory led Ganahl to create a set of works beginning in 1994 which turned the laborious process of learning an ‘exotic’ language into an art project. In the Austrian pavilion of the Venice Biennale of 1999, he presented his most recent works in conjunction with five other individual artists and teams. Most recently, Ganahl has been working again in cyber space. Thus, Das Unbehagen in Osterreich (The Discontent in Austria) has been available since the year 2000 as an online forum of discussions where changes in the culture and powerful new phenomena such as the resurgence of racism can be debated. He has recently exhibited his most comprehensive solo-exhibition at Wallach Gallery (Columbia University).