Public Space With A Roof

Michel de Broin

Through playful objects placed in public spaces as well as in art institutions and galleries, Michel de Broin investigates the concept of ‘resistance’ seen not in opposition to something but as a device that amplifies already existing tensions in the structures that otherwise go unnoticed. Following this perspective, de Broin has produced a large body of works that make visible these fundamental contradictions of different materials and, by analogy, of social systems subjected to clashes of various forces and constraints. For “Beauty Unrealized,” de Broin presented a new version of his earlier work Stick to resist, a portable sculpture attached to different metal surfaces, acting as a parasite and showing a fragile co-dependence with the system whose part it becomes. Stick to Resist – SD (seeking device) locates surfaces in the gallery space whose resistance provide this unusual sculpture with the support necessary to ‘survive’ while allowing it to infiltrate in the existing system.