Public Space With A Roof

Julika Rudelius

In her film Your Blood Is As Red as Mine, the filmmaker and artist Julika Rudelius piles up all the cliches about black and white. Even though she is not passing any judgements, the film demonstrates the absurdness of prejudice. Your Blood Is As Red as Mine (2004) is one of the most direct films of Rudelius’ œuvre – for the first time she appears on-screen both as maker and as interviewer, posing the question of how those featured want themselves to be portayed. Both her photographic works and her videos examine the perception of reality, by delving deep into the meaning of the filmed reality. In other words, what appears at first to be a random observation of an everyday situation, is revealed to be more constructed and sometimes even staged, than we as viewers would like to believe. Presented by the NETHERLANDS MEADIA ART INSTITUTE – MONTEVIDEO / TIME BASED ARTS as part of the program that investigated the relationship between artist and reality, or more specifically, the identity of the creator as an outsider.