Public Space With A Roof

elimir ilnik

�elimir �ilnik is an independent Serbian filmmaker. He was first noticed by the end of the Sixties for his visually expressive and critical films, and recognized both in his home country Yugoslavia and internationally with the documentary “The Unemployed” (Grand Prix at Oberhausen Festival, 1968) and the feature “Early Works” (Grand Prix at Berlin Film Festival, 1969). In the early seventies, Zilnik was heavily criticized on ideological grounds, since his films were part of the “Black Wave” movement. “Early Works” & “Freedom or Cartoons” were censored and banned. Since 1980 he has been formulating a specific language of docu-dramas, successfully presented on various television networks, and at local and international festivals. Several of his next projects were regarded as highly innovative and provocative: the feature “Pretty Women Walking Through the City” (1985) predicts that nationalistic tensions will lead to the disintegration of Yugoslavia and a cataclysm at the Balkans.