Public Space With A Roof

Avi Mograbi

1956, Israel
“I try not to make any distinction between public events and my personal life. It is sure that many of my compatriots find the occupation of the Palestine territories as unacceptable, as I do. But they don t allow this political problem to go into their lives, they don t do anything to either change or take the responsibility for anything.”
Mograbi makes use of a sharp and lucid humour. In this way, his films become an instrument of interrogation, exposing the construction of lies and fiction.* Mograbi studied Fine Art and Philosophy in Israel. For over 20 years, he has been working in the Israeli feature and commercial film industry. He has collaborated with local and international directors, and in the past few years he has been showing Palestinian films in Tel Aviv on a regular basis. His own films constitute a very particular combination of documentary and fiction. Therefore, Mograbi has been invited to and awarded by many different film festivals worldwide, including the Shadow Film Festival Amsterdam, and an out-of-competition entry at the last Cannes Film Festival. He has also been invited to art exhibitions such as One Ground at UCR/California Museum of Photography, at the Edith-Ru-Haus fur Medienkunst, Germany, and Old Habits Die Hard at Signal, Malmo.