Public Space With A Roof

The Script. Endless Installation: A Ghost Story for Adults (2009)

Composed by Maja Novak with the quotes from
• Abe, Kobo: The Box Man
• Agassi, Meir: The Meir Agassi Museum
• Barthes, Roland: Image Music Text
• Barthes, Roland: Empire of the Signs
• Benjamin, Walter: Letters from the Walter Benjamin’s Archive
• Gombrich, Ernst: Intellectual Biography
• Kiesler, Frederick: Selected Writings
• Kiesler, Frederick: Inside the Endless House
• Kiesler, Frederick: Endless Space
• Michaud, Philippe-Alain: Aby Warburg and the Image in Motion
• Pallasmaa, Juhani: The Eyes of the Skin
• Pirandello, Luigi: Six Characters in Search of an Author


The Cast
Sander Blom as The Box man
Vesna Madzoski as The Father
Adi Hollander as The Manager
Henry Vega as Roland Barthes
Zhana Ivanova as Aby Warburg
Samuel Vriezen as Meir Agassi
Henry Vega as Walter Benjamin
Ayalet Harpaz as Frederick Kiesler
Henry Vega as Doctor
Henry Vega as Juhani Pallasmaa

Recorded at STEIM, Amsterdam