Public Space With A Roof

Endless Installation: A Ghost Story For Adults (2009)

Through this project we shared the discoveries made during an intensive research on architecture and narrative of exhibition making and definitions of authorship. We created a spatial confrontation between the three remarkable individuals who became our primary source of inspiration: Frederick Kiesler, Aby Warburg and Meir Agassi.

We envisioned this exhibition as a theater piece where the actors are not living beings but are manifest in texts and images.


Space 1: A room of inspiration – various texts and images that stayed in our minds
Space 2: Junctures and meeting points for the works of Frederick Kiesler, Aby Warburg and Meir Agassi
Space 3: Three main lines taken out of the each opus of our three characters and presented as a gift for the visitors

THE BRAIN – a place where we created the archive of the project with all the elements we collected during the tours and detours of the research. Also, an amphitheater where people were able to be seated and take part in lectures and debates.

Public Space With A Roof: Adi Hollander, Tamuna Chabashvili, Vesna Madžoski
Film directed by: Maja Novak and 
José Miguel Biscaya
Camera and editing: José Miguel Biscaya
Installation created by: Adi Hollander and Tamuna Chabashvili
Construction design: Davide Manzoni – RedeeMade Laboratory
Advising architect: Skafte Aymo-Boot

Sound installation: Maja Novak with the help of quotes by Kobo Abe, Meir Agassi, Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Gombrich, Frederick Kiesler, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Juhani Pallasmaa, and Luigi Pirandello