Public Space With A Roof

Nothing in Particular (14.02.2004)

Performance by: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Wolf von Kries, Anne de Vries

Nothing in Particular is an installation-based version of a performance project in-progress by Wolf von Kries and Alexandra Bachzetsis. This installation performance deals with phenomena from everyday life which seem to escape rational reasoning by appearing out of the blue or by disappearing without any feasible cause. The subject matter originates in the model of 'Creatio ex nihilo', a term which signifies the creation of the world out of nothing. While this is a subject of heated debate in religious and scientific realms, the performance seeks to interrogate the subject in the context of daily routines and occurrences. For the project, this model serves merely as a point of departure from a reinterpretation of banal situations in order to translate them into an aesthetic strategy. In the context of everyday constellations, it manifests itself as an event which springs to mind without a trace of its whereabouts; actions which seem to be dematerialised without a preceding (or following) chain of causality, and which by their very nature tend to be characterised as accidents or coincidences. They are part of the outside world, as well as being present in internal realms such as the processing or generating of information by the (sub)conscious. However wide the spectrum of seemingly unrelated incidents may be, they share the common trait that their indeterminability gives way to an infinite number of interpretations, which seem equally (im)probable. By juxtaposing models of causality in which actual occurrences and coincidences develop, in which the action or object is stripped of its preconceived historicity, thus allowing its isolated perception as well as its free positioning in a multitude of possible pasts. This creates a pattern of references that seems to indicate a structure beyond analytic reasoning.