Public Space With A Roof

Marko Ciciliani (11.04.2004)



Sound Installation  by Marko Ciciliani

Different locations are nested in different sound-environments. Living in a densely populated area like Amsterdam's 'Bos en Lommer', I am at all times of the day surrounded by the sounds that can be heard through the walls from my neighbors. Most of them are sounds that are connected to daily lives, such as playing children, washing-machines, lawn-mowers etc. As these sounds originate from the context of private lives, they evoke a feeling  of intimacy. Sounds of this kind would rarely be heard in an official building like a post office, a warehouse or a gallery. Placing the sounds that I record at home into Public Space With A Roof, I am creating a contrast between the character of a location and the sounds that originated elsewhere. Doing this, I aim to create a feeling of intimacy and privacy in an otherwise anonymous public building.