Public Space With A Roof

Julie Dassaud (22.04.2004)



Installation by Julie Dassaud

The installation consists of projections of drawings. In the drawings, bodies are landscapes are bodies are landscapes are bodies are immaterial. The drawings reflect the gravity and anxiety of the current climate generated by war. Experienced from a distance, it feels like a quiet, steady, uavoidable happening, and yet a vaguely urgent will to act. The illusion of it all. You are in your living room fighting shadows and you are thinking it is ridiculous to fight shadows. You are in the street walking on shadows of bodies and you are thinking it could be your shadow. Bodies are decor. Stand by a landscape. Landscapes of bodies. How poetic. How pathetic.

The poesy of the equivalence.

'bien fait = mal fait = pas fait', *
or rather 'bien vu = mal vu = pas vu'**

*'well done = badly done = not done' Robert Filliou, 1974.
**'well seen = badly seen = not seen' Julisso, 2004.