Public Space With A Roof

Guy Bahir (06.06.2005)



Performance by Guy Bahir

The Story (Such As It Is) So Far...

     Chuck is an 8 1/2 year old superhero called Childman...

      Unfortunately, he is also Guy Bahir (an artist) and a

       bitter grown-up called Gvalley. Recently, Chuck had

 to undergo a severe public humiliation, when

   Guy and Gvalley made him stand up on

    stage in the Kunstvlaai and tell parts

              of his story to a bunch of strange-

              rs, complete with ridiculous pictu-

                res and a horrible theme song...

                Things didn't go as bad as they

                  were supposed to, so now...

             Gvalley, Guy and a sinisterinstitution

                called PSWAR decide to drag poor

         Chuck, kicking and screaming,

                   to a proper theatre setting

                   to try to save the world

                      one more time by one

                      more lecture in one

                        more place, in

                         front of even

                           more peo-




In the cunning guise of a study into the global social phenomenon

                     of adult infantilism.