Public Space With A Roof

Eitan Ben-Moshe (14.09.2006)

The Return Of The Tailor


(A project) Exhibition by Eitan Ben-Moshe

‘During this project I met six people who were complete strangers to me and offered them a funny deal. I made sculptures that were created under the influence of these strangers, and offered them the sculptures in exchange to something they have chosen to give me. The sculptures were made after meeting these strangers at their homes, interviewing them and photographing their private rooms.

Each sculpture was created under the influence of the interview and space for which it was destined.

The Tailor had several creative aspects of making. The first one was the actual meeting with the strangers inside their homes, and then their encounters with the sculptures in the same places. Another aspect was the transformation of the abstract energies and information accumulated from the interview, into the concrete sculptures I have made.Some of the sculptures turned out to be unbearable domestic annoyances.’